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Welcome! My name is Karyn Kokeny.

It's my passion and pleasure to help rising entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses to 6 or 7 figures. 

I'm a former Fortune 100 executive who successfully ran an 8 figure business who works alongside you to get to the heart of your business and core of your thinking. 

LEARN the essential skills and strategies to dominate the competition, by differentiating yourself in a rapidly changing and growing marketplace. LEAD yourself and your business to the results you want with the confidence, capability, mindset, vitality and efficiency you always knew you had... and have fun doing it! LOVE your business, your freedom, and your life.

Karyn 💗

Testimonials ...

See what other customers are saying about Business Coaching with Karyn 

"The results ... are just invaluable."

“Meeting Karyn in our first meeting I knew she was a great match. She’s kind, but she is direct and she really bridged all of our gaps. The results from working with Karyn are just invaluable. In just 5 weeks she increased our cash flow by 100%, she got us on a viable business plan, and helped us with our email campaigns. She got us focused. She helped us develop our strengths, our price points. She really put us on a lucrative path to success. Thank you Karyn.”

Joy & Trish, Embracing Stillness

Ann Arbor, Michigan USA

"... fast track to success..."

"I have had the pleasure to work with Karyn and utilize her skills to help better my business. She has been instrumental in teaching us how to run a better business, manage employees better, and make sure we keep a strict "bottom line.... Working with her is like getting my MBA in 1 year! I'd HIGHLY recommend her to any business owner who is looking for a fast track to success and a resource for better business management."

Dr. Dan Shanahan, M.D., Sole Serenity Spa

Commerce, Michigan USA

Properly defining Culture is KEY!"

"“Within the first few minutes I got my golden nugget. I’d already been working on this and I realized if I fully defined my culture statements , got clear on those, then I could use them as foundations to my podcasts and that would cause alignment with my values, with the culture I’m creating and building for my company, and in turn, differentiate me from others and attract the right people. And that makes me way happier because I’m working with people that have an alignment with me. So thank you Karyn for taking the time with me and for taking the time over the number of decades to consolidate this into usable information that’s helping me directly enhance the quality of what I provide to the people that I serve."

Geoffrey Fullerton, Founder at Hotel Sales Institute



What would it feel like to MULTIPLY your Business Leads, Sales and Profits and finally get the RESULTS you Know You Deserve?

Let's chat... I'm here to answer your questions and to help get you on the right path to your breakthrough 2022!

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The gift of a clearly defined vision and mission...

When we have our vision and mission clearly imprinted in our mind, that we can find the voice, the voice of leadership. That by itself, Karyn, you have provided a great value to me .. so brief and yet so powerful to me. Thank you very much Karyn for that gift.

Chin Tee Lee, Founder, Executive Track Sdn Bhd


"One of the best coaches I've experienced in my business"

"I run an agency working for Superbrands...some of the biggest brands in the world. We focus on FMCG, fast moving consumer goods. The Agency is called Brand Squirrels. Some of our customers include Ben & Jerry’s, Hellmans, Knorr, Sky Television. I’m very privileged and very pleased to be recommending Karyn Kokeny as being one of the best coaches that I’ve experienced in my business whose helped me build the systems and the frameworks to help me scale and to deal with these massive companies at a global level. So thank you Karyn; I’m always pleased to be working with you.”

Andrew Phillips,

Founder & CEO of Brand Squirrels

London, UK

"Karyn teaches you HOW to fish!"

"Karyn is so incredible to work with!  She is positive, encouraging and provides real value in growing one’s business. Rather than just giving you information, she guides your thinking toward the next step. With her help, your thought process develops and then can continue on your own with business growth and success.

With my sewing business, Karyn helped me shift my thought process from the day to day workload to the bigger picture of what I want my business to be in the long term. Now, I have more people working with me and my business has increased."

Marlene Moening, Founder, Angelic Stiches LLC

Highland, Michigan USA

Vision without action is merely a dream.

Action without vision just passes the time.


Results Matter

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